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Eyelid surgery is intended to treat drooping eyelids, by removing excess skin, muscles, and fatty tissue. As a person ages, his eyelids expand, and the muscles that support the eyelids are no longer able to do so because they weaken over time.

This surgery is performed with local anesthesia, where the surgeon makes an incision along the natural curl of the upper eyelid. Then it removes excess skin and less muscle and fat tissue that is located under the skin. This incision is closed with a thin suture that leaves almost no scar. Sometimes in order to close the incision a special package or surgical glue is used for the skin The incision that is made in the lower eyelids is made directly under the eyelashes, in the natural curl area of ​​the eye or just inside the lower eyelid. The doctor will remove excess fat, muscle and excess skin. The sewing position is either on the inside of the eyelid or under the eyelashes, depending on the location of the incision. If the eyelid is flabby to align with the pupil, another surgery will be performed in addition to eyelid surgery, to treat this problem, which is called ptosis.